Apple launches it’s own collecting society

I’m waiting for the press release from Cupertino saying Apple launched a new business unit developing their own in house collecting society service.

Within Apples environment it already should work to collect and make up all relevant data for doing so. The rest is no rocket science.
Whenever you play a track via your mobile phone, on your computer at home, at work, feed it into a stream, transfer it to somebody else via public channels, embed it on your blog, software will take notice and report back home.
And have you ever thought of the possibilities to solve issues like DJ playlists simply by automatically sending the relevant data back whenever a DJ selects a track from his iTunes library when DJing with Serato, Ableton or Traktor?
Or if you could simply count every click on a track embedded somewhere on a website and being able to check if this is a public, private or corporate website?

If Apple picks up this idea, I’d appreciate a little share for this hint…

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