curating the cluster, Berlin Music Week – kick off press conference

The top two fashioned words of the season, at least when it comes to marketing events for the creative industries, are ‘to curate’ and ‘cluster’.

Berlin Music Week held their initial press conference today.
The illustrious panel was completed by Harald Wolf, Senator for economics/technology, Moritz van Dülmen / managing director Kulturprojekte Berlin (the public agency that actually organizes and curates the umbrella event Berlin Music Week), Olaf Kretschmar / managing director Berlin Music Commission, Paul van Dyk / artist and Frank Briegmann / CEO Universal GSA. In fact I was missing the independents that always are quoted as the main target group of the Berlin Music Week. But nevertheless everybody that did show up on the panel was busy in explaining how big the cluster already got.

The main statement of this press conference was to wave the flag and assure that Berlin Music Week will happen as a cluster of various events, both, b2b and b2c. Apart from some names and festival confirmations, still there was no common headline or essential news, yet one could hear some interesting statements.
First of all, Senator Wolf mentioned he sees Berlin Music Week as a platform to discuss the future of the music industry and he invites the politics to get involved. Sure this is one of the arguments for holding a future music event in the capitol of one of the strongest music export markets, as such closing of ranks is at hand here.
Mr. van Dülmen stated BMW will be the annual presentation of the recording/ music industry. I tend to interpret that phrase, that he still thinks BMW as a marketing thing, rather than communication between business people.
Only Olaf Kretschmar seemed to really be inspired by at least something. He demanded to quit old trench wars and constitute common debates. From a club legend like him, this even didn’t sound pathetic…
I hope his spirit will carry the rest of the yet uninspired competing partners.

But let’s envision this panel as a simulation of what happens on a global scale too. Big players, majors and politics mingling together with few mainstream artists that managed to profit from the opportunities DIY did offer plus substitutes from public authorities that build the basis for the future business? And how will the a2n idea of a barcamp, grassroots communication fit in this concept?
I don’t want to stress the common headline/claim thing too much, but it seems to visualize the situation, doesn’t it?

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