Jazzkomm integrate Jazz by separating it

Popkomm was eager to get rid of this ‘Pop only’ label it’s name implies for a long time. Thus Berlin Music Week and Popkomm took their first chance to integrate Jazz by presenting a side show called Jazzkomm. Well, maybe they should have looked a little closer, before they decided, as during various off-the-record talks I learned some strange news about BMW/Popkomms new partner:

Jazzkomm promoted and set up their website even before Berlin Music Week and Popkomm even knew about this event. Fair enough, as any company is free to organise an event like that, but the -komm thing could be sen as a copyright infringement, and even their application forms are sheer copy&past work from the Popkomm paperwork. Germanys Jazz&Worldpartners, the national Jazz association was not involved in Jazzkomms planning at all, as no other Jazz association or big players were asked for co operations or input. Also did they name media partners like Jazz thing, without even bother to ask the respective media – now all the logos are being removed.

Jazzkomm names it’s objectives to develop into an ‘an international and future-orientated communication and networking platform for professionals in contemporary jazz culture’. Target group is export offices, labels, promoters, managers and agents working on this specific genre.
On their website Jazzkomm organizers attribute booking tell about their vision that ‘international experts will get together to pursue networking with future business partners, make deals and discover new trends’. That much about a consistent new and tight idea.
Besides a trade show, Jazzkomm will feature Panel Discussions to address current problems and new opportunities in the market plus a Jazzkomm Festival, which will take place at the Tempelhof airfield and extend into an evening program at various locations in the city.
Jazzkomm sells his exhibition as a ‘egalitarian and democratic structure’. In a nutshell this means each exhibitor gets a table (incl. wi-fi), similar in size and design.
This will come at a cost of 200,-EUR for each main exhibitor (the application form is not clear, if this is net oaf tax) and 550,-EUR for the table+ 2 chairs + wi-fi (again it is not clear, if this is 200,-+550,-, or just 550,-EUR) additional exhibitors whom you can share your booth with will be charged 71,43+VAT and will include 1 additional ticket.

I wonder if the Jazz people really do need a separate exhibition, as most of their potential business partners will be around the regular shows as well. And as far as I understand Jazz is part of the same recording industry as all the others – which makes it kind of redundant to separate their communication and business from the others?

The feedback they received at Jazzahead in Bremen just few days ago was merely low, no surprise, isn’t it?

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