Popkomm festival deadline extended

... this is NOT Pauls office btw.

Popkomm just announced they will extend the deadline for artist submissions through Sonicbids until 14/05.

Mainly this two week extension will allow confirmed partners and exhibitors time to make the formal application propperly and enable more of their artists to be considered for a showcase. But also artists and companies that haven’t submitted anything yet are encouraged to do so.

Popkomm states they received loads of submissions from 46 countries till now – guess CDs are piling up on Paul Cheethams desk… – but still they got some open slots left. Unfortunately I can’t sing, but I could recite something?

This very moment he and his team are in midst of the process of selecting artists to appear on stage. If they are done digging themselves through the piles of CDs, all artists will be notified by 30/06 if they have been offered a showcase slot or not. We keep our fingers crossed for whomever deserves to get in the spotlight!

All details can be found at http://popkommlive.com

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