a2n – first speakers and topics

I was at a meeting with the organizers of a2n yesterday when they reported about their trip to SxSW, their engagement with the Berlin Music Week and headlines of the 2010 edition were revealed.

At SxSW a2n was busy in both acquiring speakers, defining head topics as well as getting a foot in the door of some international networks.

They came back with a bunch of topics, mainly the usual suspects e.g. artists perspective, DIY marketing, hub/cloud stuff, authors rights, CC, DRM,… . At the same time they started at the other end of the scale and investigated input and topics through a local German artists portal called regio active. Guess their plan is to satisfy and connect both, internationals that want to sell into the German market as well as German artists and grassroot companies that want to build up standing within their home territory. And, as founding member of a2n Tim Renner put it: ‘… as it makes sense to seek solutions outside the music business, as there is no solution on the horizon developed from within the industry right now.’ Word. I like the idea of taking care of the future players, as well as trying to solve inbuilt problems by finding inspiration from the outside. My first reaction was too, feeling this is too grassroots, too amateur, but hey, few years ago, CD baby, hulu, youtube, soundcloud was grassroots hacker stuff too.

a2n came back with various confirmations from interesting speakers amongst others Martin Clive Atkins, Nancy Baym, Ruth Daniel, Michael Hausman, Clive Gardiner.
Also they did hook up with other conference organizers to evaluate possible alliances and common objectives.
The next weeks will be due to structure this into a solid program offering both, practical guidelines and perspectives for business people and artists.

Still I got the impression a2n is still busy defining their own profile, is still not really aware of the importance the internationals see in a German based b2b event. But maybe such an open apporach is exactly what the industry needs?
Ah – good news, obviously they managed to fix a combined ticket granting access to all events that happen under the Berlin Music Week umbrella brand, like Popkomm, Berlin Festival, … . Details are to be announced soon.

Then we witnessed the first presentation of the official powerpoint introduction of Berlin Music Week. Unfortunately this did not offer any news at all but only tells the basic facts of where, when and who. Well, I’ll keep you updated whenever they are ready to reveal some more details.

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