Sony closes down Beyonces YouTube Channel, accusing her of piracy

This is the most ridiculous episode in the downfall of the major recording industry so far!

Sony Entertainment has shut down Beyonce’s official YouTube site. Visitors are informed that ‘This video contains content from Sony Music Ent.. It is no longer available in your country.’ This is so fucking hilarious! It’s like a retail chain forcing all his stores to shut the store windows, so that potential customers can’t inform themselves. Sony you don’t get it, isn’t there anyone with remains of a clue left in your management?

YouTube Screenshot / #sonyfail

Boing Boing comments:

Congrats to Sony Entertainment for wisely spending its legal dollars and working on behalf of its artists. Truly, you deserve many laws and secret treaties passed to protect your “business model” (how else could such a delicate flower survive the harsh realities of the real world?).

thank you again, Boing Boing

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