Berlin Music Week names Project Manager

Woohooo, Berlin Music Week has a press info out.
It reads like this: ‘Sept. 6 to 12 the umbrella brand of Berlin Music Week will premiere and host a number of music b2b and b2c events. Amongst others Popkomm as a market place element, all2gethernow as a conference element and Berlin Festival as a music element.’

Interesting that well recommended ‘Berlin Clubnacht‘ will be happening during Berlin Music Week too. This is a public club festival supported by the EU due to the unique history of Berlins club scene. Interesting as this is one of the few occasions, that a EU public body supported music as an element of incidents of a public and political importance.

Patricia Stohmann / picture by

But the main news is that names are being revealed:
The organizing committee chaired by Club Commissions head Olaf Kretschmar includes representatives of all2gethernow, Berlin Festival, Popkomm, Berlin Music Commission, Club Commission, VUT and Universal Music, as well as the State of Berlin, represented by the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Women. In addition, an advisory board is being formed.
Managing Director of Berlin Music Week is Moritz van Dulmen, Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH,
Project Manager is Patricia Stohmann, who can be contacted at

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