Popkomm Festival submission started but lacks some basic info

From this very moment on through April 30th, you can apply artists for the Popkomm Festival 2010.
The procedure remains the same, all applications are handled via Sonicbids for a fair 10,-USD fee. But selected artists must become official POPKOMM exhibitors or co-exhibitors. And of course this will come at a cost, Popkomm failed to publish prices for becoming an exhibitor so far – you only find pricing information for tickets, not exhibiting.

Popkomm announces, the ‘Festival is the section covering live music at Popkomm’…, well, I never heard of playback showcases before. Anyway, from 8 to 10 September 2010 there will be around 60 showcases at the Popkomm Festival at eight venues in the Kulturbrauerei building complex that hosted the Popkomm Festival center the previous years.

Popkomm speaks of 15.000 public, but that was when the Popkomm Festival was still 400 acts happening in 35 clubs and venues. If you break this down to 8 venues, approx. 3400 public attendance are a fair guess. But actually this is bullshit ’cause who cares about numbers, as long as the crowd enjoys the gig? I never started to count the people – not even at the most boring concerts.

Paul Cheetham

Say ‘hi’ to Paul. Paul Cheetham is the man in charge now. Some twenty years of experience as a music promoter, artist, event manager, concert producer and music industry consultant. He comments, “I … have always believed it (Popkomm) to be an essential part of the international music business. So I feel privileged to be able to take on this role with the festival office and will have the opportunity to work with many good companies, venues and artists from all over the world. ….”

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