all2gethernow 2010

I was at the all2gether now press conference last friday and somehow ever since I try to make up my mind, wether I think what I heard is something good or not.

Why that?

At Midem I’ve seen Ted Cohen, the grand signeur of music b2b panels interviewing a guy from Eastman Kodak. And I was little pissed off, that he didn’t even try to drill into this guy who was telling 70% marketing blurb, 25% bullshit and spin and 5% facts on how Kodak – after nobody used films for photo cameras any more – turned from being the major dispensable brand to a role model of how to adjust to digital economy.

Actually I’ve seen Ted Cohen interviewing someone at every trade show I’ve ever attended.

And I’ve seen various representatives of let’s say IMPALA, ifpi, WIN, IAEL, … sitting on panels and obviously not knowing what topic the actual panel is about.

Say I learned, that advocacy or using traditional formats is no no-brainer, and that cooperating with the various associations can be a very effective tool to wear down a debate or to halt ideas.

On the other hand it happened to me that I was at sort of a barcamp thing, and got nailed down by a bunch of close talkers, that tried to convince me of something that had zero relevance to me (and what I told them!).

Barcamp-open source-grassroots is a delicate minefield full of over ambiguous nerds lacking communication skills but loads of spare time.

That is the two opposite ends of one rule.

On their press conference, a2n was not able to come up with any of the big names or associations, no funky keynote or breaking news on hot topics… But is this necessarily a bad thing? No.

a2n is organized by people who know what they do, as new thinking (the agency behind a2n) also does run a blogger/ open source conference in Berlin, that has gained reputationamongst this critical bunch.

Plus they do approach the whole thing with a different perspective, not being part of this peaky business, but somewhat more objective?

This might be the key factor to offer and deliver a new perspective, new inspiring input. To be honest, a2n is one of my favorites when it comes to terms of not doing the same thing again. There are conferences every month around the globe, and all of them do the same thing – different look and feel but content wise exactly the same, Ted Cohenisms.

Maybe this will be a different opportunity because they don’t care who is who, but who needs who…

I’ll give it a try.

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