will Popkomm 2010 happen at all?

The question I got asked most at Midem, was not actually how Berlin Music Week / Popkomm will be in terms of concept or setup, but if Popkomm will happen in 2010 at all. 2009 postponement has done a major damage to the events credibility.
Now when it comes to rebuild this credibility Popkomm does have a communication problem – at least -or they really don’t know what to do.

Mwase (Sales), Barkowski (Director) @ Popkomm

Canceling the event 2009 at this short notice, followed by what can only be described a PR disaster, one might think Popkomm will do whatever they can to present themselves as reliable, considerate, customer oriented.
 At their annual reception in Cannes Station Tavern, no Popkomm representative felt like or dared to say a few words to the crowd that was desperately waiting for any piece of information.
Berlin Music Week / Popkomm does not have a conference manager yet, neither could a name be put behind the most important festival managers title.
I was asked many times, if Berlin Music Week is a competing event to Popkomm, people didn’t really get the umbrella event thing obviously.
Managing Director Dr. Kleinhenz didn’t show up, after as we learned his sunday flight was cancelled. Popkomm team nevertheless did assert Popkomm has a top priority in Berlin, but if the man in charge doesn’t hook up with his most important clients because rebooking  a flight is a problem, this sounds a little odd. Bottom line – all of this doesn’t seem to unsettle the Popkomm representatives, as everyone was presented the usual marketing materials, but no headlines, visions or a new conceptual approach at all.

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