Music biz, switch from b2c to b2b to solve your problems???

Midem Net Jeff Hayzlett, Marketing Head of Eastman Kodak blurbs about Kodak having reinvented their business after facing a major decline in their revenues when digital cameras succeeded the old film material.- Half their revenue sources are new in the last 4 years. 60% of their staff is new in the last 2 years. Well, if you read some news about Kodak, you learn about throttling stock values, thousands of employees being fired and a company in the middle of a price war.

Anyway, listen to him a little longer he speaks about
Kodak was switching from b2c to b2b and are now leading printing and pic processing technology worldwide.

I like the idea to of having other businesses reporting about how they solved crisis but this marketing speech really is a pain and no role model for the music industry.

I’ll write some more about this later, stay tuned

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