Popkomm 2010 announces a public day, limited showcases and maybe a conference concept

Finally Popkomm reveals it’s plans for 2010. I received a 2 page long pdf file called ‘Key Facts Popkomm 2010‘ informing me about prices, dates and locations, but unfortunately missing any conceptual approach. Dr. Ralf Kleinhenz, Popkomms managing director states ‘We see a trend here to fragment into various events. Popkomm’s main objective is to counter-steer this trend and create one international trade show in Berlin’. He confirms the date for Popkomm is September 8th – 10th 2010 at the location of the former airfield of Berlin-Tempelhof. (one of the few buildings, Albert Speer, Hitlers architect of his world capital ‘Germania‘, actually realised – for those who are into history…)

Kleinhenz informs us about few details first – Popkomm advertises that there is going to be different areas called ‘market place’, ‘networking lounge’, ‘conference area’ and ‘festival area’, what does not really revolutionize the concept of the old Popkomm.

The conference programme is tba, but the concept sent out does not even communicate any ideas or issues at this stage, whom or which fields to involve to open new perspectives. And what about the rumours, that barcamp aficionados all2gethernow will  do the conf?
Popkomm will fullfil the basics and provide several networking possibilities. There will be a focus on International and intersectoral matchmakings.
hear hear – intersectional -does that imply the presence of other industries? such as? I really hope they will not come up  with fashion or games or crap like that again!

The Popkomm festival will be at the “Kulturbrauerei”, where exhibiting labels can showcase their artists. Showcases will only be on two night, wednesday and thursday and at the Kulturbrauerei locations only.
That means drastically reduced showcase contingents, as Popkomm reduces venues from some 40 clubs in 2008 to around 5 venues in 2010. Artists will be selected by curators that are yet to be named. Genres will be limited too. Further showcase options outside the Kulturbrauerei will be available via ‘a partner’.

But who will book stand space or buy a ticket, if one can showcase their artists in all the other hot clubs without asking Popkomms curators and meet his contacts at theBerlin Music Week events outside Popkomm? I guess all associations organising joint national presentations will love this! But if you can’t help from spending money, prices are 180,-EUR per square meter, a min. size of 15 m² is obligatory.

But here comes the big bang! Public Day! On friday 10th to saturday 11th Berlin Festival – a public festival attended by 14000 – will happen in the same area of Tempelhof. That means  Popkomm friday will be a public day where the trade show will  be open for the Berlin festival-goers.
Popkomm delegates with 3-day registrations will be able to attend the festival too.

This all will happen under a umbrella brand “Berlin Music Week” that will present music of all genres from 06.09. to 12.09.2010.

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