CeBit goes music

It’s no secret. CeBit, the Hannover based IT fair is suffering a significant drop for a few years now as more and more IT, mobile and TelCos are moving to more specialized fairs or do their own shows instead or simply closed. So it’s no big surprise that CeBit organisers seek new fields of business to fill the holes.
Adjusting the event towards the entertainment / b2c side does make sense, as CeBit is flooded by public during public days. But is music industry really a logical or wise consideration? Well, 2010, March 2nd to 6th CeBit will host “Cebit sounds!” an international plattform for music and IT, including an exhibition, a music-business-festival plus live performances on site.

‘The value chain of the music industry is fully digitized, starting from production via distribution to consumption. CeBit supported by numerous well-known partners will meet this new challenges’ said Ernst Raue, Managing Board at Deutsche Messe AG, but refused to give any names now.

Amongst the founding members and advisors of “Cebit sounds!” are known names like booker/manager Deville Schober of brainstorm, Joel Berger MD GSA & Northern Europe Myspace, Promoter Ossy Hoppe and Henning Wehland of German band ‘Söhne Mannheims’.

It will be a great sight to see mainboard component manufactures from Taiwan join with the music industry together with thousands of goodie hunters in front of a t-mobile or SAP stage one week before SxSW will start. But I’m sure they spent a good deal of thinking about such minor issues.

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