fun makes us do things, control doesn’t; does fun allow to control us

I stumbled upon this very idea a lot this year, changing or directing peoples behaviour by making it a fun experience somehow, by installing models of participation or recognition rather than making it look like control.

Maybe this is the lesson we learned from all this web 2.0 pest. A nice one comes here:

goal oriented, purpose driven emotionalisation, this is the lesson everyone with an interest in controlling or conducting our behaviour learned from our affection to the web 2.0? Look at this statement video ‘in 30 years I’ll tell my children, money is better than friends’ that circled on facebook the last days, that everyone said is ‘inspiring’ or ‘enlightening’  – it’s simple message completely overexagerated just as it happened in a PR and ad-driven envrironment?. Are we already that low on social skills?

I’ll do some more on this soon…

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