new iTunes LP is for majors only

iTunes edges out the indie market for the new LP format that comes with iTunes 9. Completely. At least, we don’t expect too many Indies be willing to pay the 10.000,- USD ”production fee” Apple charges for this service per album.
Brian McKinney, who runs Chocolate Lab Records, a smallish label out of Chicago reported to GIZMODO.
He contacted the digital distribution manager at my label’s distributor. He had a conference call with an iTunes rep and asked how we go about putting an LP together. He was told that LPs aren’t being offered to indies and that there are only about 12 LPs being offered right now.

On the shiny exterior, the new iTunes LP may seem like some sort of fancy proprietary format. In actuality it’s an image-heavy, JavaScript-driven webpage that only renders correctly in iTunes or, with a bit of hackery, WebKit-based browsers such as Safari, Omniweb, or Google’s Chrome. However, the system requirements for it may be a bit of a head scratcher—according to Apple’s support document, the technology requires 1GB of RAM, a 2.0 GHz Core2Duo processor, and a screen resolution of at least 1280×800. Unfortunately, this means no iTunes LP on an iPhone or an AppleTV, which is odd because it seems like the LPs are perfect for the home theater device.
However – lucky you, if your company can charge some 10.000 for 30min programming.

Deflecting criticism that it’s just another way to squeeze a few extra dollars out of customers, Apple pitches iTunes LP as a way to bring back “the visual experience of the record album” (Which they helped kill in the first place)
Thank you – as long as iTunes is not able to advise and sell me records and! serve me a god coffee, I’ll rather see my local record dealers.

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