selfmade zugzwang, a man in charge of Berlins creative future

struggling for creative Berlin, senator Wolf

struggling for creative Berlin, senator Wolf

Harald Wolf, Berlin senator for economy, technology and women, member of the socialist party, is the man in charge.
While his senior – or maybe opponent – Klaus Wowereit, governing major of Berlin, seems pretty content labeling Berlin with his (in-)famous quote ‘poor but sexy’, Wolf asserts there is room for development in Berlin. Notably he is one of the few politicians in Germany who comes to terms with the creative industries¬† as business and not as hip fashion after show party-hopping.

Postponing Popkomm must have been an affront to him, as he not only to attracts creatives and their industries to Berlin, but also establishes supporting infrastructures.

Now he has announced the launch of Berlin Music Week in September 2010, incorporating the existing Popkomm, as well as various other b2b and b2c events. “Berlin enjoys an outstanding international reputation as a music metropolis,” sais Wolf. “We intend to develop this further. The Berlin Music Week brand is a key strategic initiative for the Berlin music industry: it pools the vitality and variety of the sector.” Along the lines of Fashion Week, (a Berlin based cloud of fashion shows and fairs), Music Week will not only be addressing a specialist public. In future, every year in September Berlin intends to be ”…inviting all the fans and participants in the scene worldwide to Music Week in the German capital of music.”
Wolf brought Popkomm to town, and when Messe Berlin proved unable to handle this event it turned against him. His major interest as a senator as well as his interest in terms of strengthening his position must be to keep Popkomm going. An interesting detail in this context I’d like to implicate is, that Wowereit is been traded as a possible candidate for higher positions in his party after the last elections. This must show an impact on his agenda in contrary to Wolf, who’s focus still is on Berlin. So spheres of influence might change soon and it seems Wolf spurs for the creatives in town. Maybe that is why it is understood that the Berlin senate is investing a high six-digit euro amount and hopes to obtain a subsidy worth millions of euros from the German government.

A pellmell mix of b2b, public events, genre specific, indie, major, festival but business too – has been proclaimed. So there’s no turning back, but where are they heading to?

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