Berlin Music Week announced Sept. 10. – 18. 2010

Berlin has to defend it’s reputation as being a hotspot for the music industry‘, says Berlin senatorial administration for economy.
That is why they start a cooperation, an umbrella initiative to gather all Berlin based music events under one name and aim: ‘Berlin Music Week‘ will be the common cause with various local lobby groups like the VUT indie assoc., Clubcommission, Berlin Music Commission, new event formats like all2gethernow or old veterans like Popkomm.

many must not necessarily show the right way

many must not necessarily indicate the right way

But how?
After Messe Berlin botched up Popkomm, this international no brainer, Berlins Senator in charge must be rather upset and obviously now tries to make the best of a bad job and transfers the organisational part away from it’s own structures (Messe Berlin / Popkomm belongs to the city of Berlin) and hands it over to associations and initiatives as well as private companies.

They say an event-cloud will strike a new path, away from a classical fair / trade show to new formats. Their concept reads like an operation manual for web 2.0 for first graders. A bit of everything, for everyone, and as a result everybody will be happy.
In a nutshell

– open to the public (till now, public audience was traded as the best way to avoid companies booking presentation spaces as every company will do whatever they can to avoid goodie hunters as they need quiet closed doors for meetings… a fair makes sense in terms of selling a b2b music event, but not for those who attend.)

– music focused (wow – and all other creative industries will be ‘invited’ again? I’m sure they will all book their flights as soon as they hear this. Ever thought of  offering those other branches something they probably could really be interesting in? I mean apart from music executives lamenting on please getting some share?)

– plattform to presenting businesses in a modern way (erm, yes…, maybe some more brainwork invested in this bulletpoint will lead to an idea?)

– decentralised, open, communicative, networking (only missing phrase is ‘user generated’, then I’ll buy it – does anyone really believe in cloud intelligence, if there are only exprets of ONE subject adding?)

– involving all (links) of the music value-added chain (which will still be left then)

– Majors and Indies

You think this is phrase monging?
Yes, absolutely!
But what about matchmaking opportunities, tagging of participants, pre-event matching, maybe some ideas about actual content and topics, side events, media and PR,…?

we’ll see…

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