Reeperbahn Festival and Confi in Hamburg

I went to Hamburg for a day and attended Reeperbahn music festival and campus last week. A public music festival with an attached conference.
The setup is awesome, nearly all relevant clubs and venues in Hamburg are within a 10min walking range around the famous ‘Reeperbahn’ quarter, where regular music venues and clubs share space with table dance bars, sex theatres and hookers, pitoresque.

At least this geography of short ways reminds one of Austins 6th street during SxSW. I’m no fan of hughe venues and festivals, I prefer things being split in numerous small venues that you can easily walk by and drop in whereever you want to. Compared to many other festivals I was able to enter any club with my badge, never got stuck in a line or bounced back off a bouncer. One found a nice variety of bands – nothing extraordinary – I couldn’t really read a structure out of the programme, but it was fun anyway. A big exemption was german music mag INTROs evening at ‘übel & gefährlich‘ a great club in an old giant flak tower. Great line up.

I’m pretty sure, when the international trade show caravan of music associations, export bureaus, big players will get this event on their radar, it might develop into something big the coming years. All infrastructure and premises are there.

But what I liked best about the confi part, the campus, was all panels were taking place in venues and bars along the Reeperbahn. This added a nice laid back spin to the talks, but at the same time reminded most panelists that it was about music they should talk, not self- or product placement.
Conference programme was no big thing, not very inspired indeed, but covering the basics all right. Keep this going.

I had a good time and really would like to see this thing grow and be nourished in the future.

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