a music industries conference without the music industry

well, I’ve tried it out and well, what’s my impression of the new event?

Some journalists still praise it’s innovative approach. But a journalists perspective doesn’t really match the requirements of the industry.
A journalist – as many others – might find it amusing to watch a broad range from students to semi professionals to nerds discuss where the business failed, that there are plenty of new ideas and models to earn money in a web 2.0 environment, and that you need to hook up with this people to get your share. But that is not what the music industry requires.
The industry needs – above all – networking and options to generate business. And as there was no music business attending a2n became more a sophisticated and ironic obit to the music biz from various parties who are willing to take over their market share.

now what are we supposed to do with it?

But all this ‘no label required’ blurb proved, that the new new-economists don’t understand some basics either. They do know how to promote and monetize web based content, but they do not understand how to produce this content. So here is the perfect match between both parties, but – as the music industry was not willing to invest into web based business models some time ago, now the web entrepreneurs lack any understanding in what content is, where it comes from, and what investment in an artist actually means.

After many had overseen a first year of student-no pro charm, a2n has to get things on the track immediately if they want to be recognised as valuable.
The crucial question a2n organisers have to ask themselves is, what concept to develop to attract the music biz, how to link them up to new business models, what will be their USP compared to other b2b events that work on a basis of long term experience in conference organisation?

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