The Emperor’s New Clothes or Popkomms new concept

The Emperor’s New Clothes, the wonderful fairy tale by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen about an emperor who unwittingly hires two swindlers to create a new suit of clothes for him. A cloth, they say, invisible to anyone stupid or unfit for his position. You know the rest story, of the Emperor pretending to actually see the non existing cloth the two joksters pretend to dress him in…
Popkomm presented it’s new concept and we had a chance to read the botch – sorry – book.
Popkomm 2010 will happen – is the directive, Messe Berlin proclaims loudly.
For months, a new Popkomm team has collected first hand information, talked to industry representatives and enjoyed some festival hopping.

Under direction of Katja Bittner, a new concept was compiled and now presented to Music Export Bureaus this week.
In a nutshell, the concept speaks of a combination of a festival, conference and trade show. It recommends to involve other creative industries such as fashion or games, and cooperate with other events and networks in Berlin. Various focuses on various sectors of the music business are planned. Honestly, I can’t see anything new, innovative or giving directions here. The conference will be ‘keynote focused’, there will be matchmaking sessions again as well as presentations. They will keep the location and maybe have a stage in there and maybe open Popkomm to the public. The big new thing is, that Popkomm defines it’s future role not as what it was – one of the three worlds leading music business events – but as one small event amongst many others. Popkomms new concept plans to partner up with all2gethernow (an event that hasn’t even happened for the first time yet), ‘So Klingt Berlin‘ (an amateur conference organised by students for students), or BerMUDa, a genre specific festival yet to prove it’s quality and momentum.
That was it. You think I’m sarcastic? No – that was all that was written in the presentation.

No such thing as explaining, why fashion and games should develop an interest in visiting Popkomm again, after they quit years ago. No word, how they would approach it-startups in order to discuss how to share their markets with the music industry for a win-win situation, no idea about how various focuses should create intersections that generate business to the various sectors in return…

by G. Larson

by G. Larson

Whoever did hope for innovation, new ideas or at least some matter was disappointed but showered with uninspired clichés and left behind in total incomprehension why they abandoned everything and everyone in the first place.

Or does anyone know?

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