is Popkomm not dead?

CEO Raimund Hosch left, accompanied by COO Dr. Göcke, right

Messe Berlins CEO Raimund Hosch informed Berlins News ‘tagesspiegel‘ ”The new concept is at hand and we discuss it with all decision makers” – And so they do and invite representatives of international associations to Berlin today to discuss and present this concept.

Stefan Michalk, managing director of the German ifpi also confirmed his association will support Messe Berlin in their attempt.
News leaked, the new concept is focusing on cooperating with affiliated branches – or branches Popkomm thinks are affiliated. Well, fashion quit investing into music years ago, games is no spring of life for the whole industry either… But what failed few years ago must not necessarily fail 2010?

I do strongly believe that if the music wants to succeed in overcoming it’s crisis, it has to invent and develop a solution out of it’s own sources. Waiting for other industries to jump in and share their businesses and revenues is close to dementia. So I’d rather see Popkomm coming up with
– innovation based events (like they did with the IMEA, but quit for no good reason),
– closed door meetings for discussing comprehensive strategies (which they did in cooperation with Peter Jenner, but quit for no good reason)
– enforcing cooperation between the existing revenue models in the music industry – e.g. linking the Live Crowd to the Publishers and Labels (which they did with the Live Area, but quit for no good reason)

why the heck did they quit anyway, but not maintain the development they had achieved through the years?
Cut down the cost intensive fair part, but spend more effort on networking facilities and communication?

I hope Berlin will see a beter Popkomm in the future, but starting something and cutting it down as soon as it sees it’s first challenges is no means to do so…

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