c/o Pop: music executives lament on lack of values of web users and proove they didn’t get it

I’ve attended  c/o pop, a small conference in Cologne, last week. It was fun, meeting old faces, enjoying a laid back atmosphere and the worst beer on this planet.

Colognes music scene is known all over the planet, and c/o pop is struggling to develop into this international event. After Popkomms cancellation, you met many internationals from various music export organisations, checking the potential of c/o pop. And they’ve been very ambitious, every second panel was something 2.0… 😉 Still they lack quite some basic infra structure, even in their 6th or so year – a database of attendees, showcase schedules are completely random (which doesn’t matter, as I could only access one out of four parties with my delegates badge), no catalogue.

Above all c/o pop organizers try to focus on new businesses, on this intersections between music industry, games, web comunities. At a set of panels music industry executives lamented about the lack of ‘values’ of web users. Phrase monging 2.0!

Wow, I was struck by the lack of basic knowledge of these guys.

They really did still discuss the need to regulate torrent based p2p filesharing, while everybody they should care about quit filesharing and switched to streaming times ago! Even good ‘ol Guardian knows this, so who had the idea to display this collective ignorance?

Hey – your customers already moved far ahead and I don’t know, if they are willing to wait for you.

This is not to mock on the (German) music industry, but can anyone please do organize some workshops, to explain what media and distribution channels current music (or entertainment) consumers do actually use today and how they work, and what actual problems are to be considered due to this.

How can the music industry even think of creating new business models or at least new revenue streams, if they are not capable to understand and follow their clients media behavior?

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