@ll2gethernow#, Popkomm re-varnished?

All2gethernow, BerMuDa (Berlin Music Days), music hack day, … Popkomm obviously left a vacuum to be filled by new upcoming events and projects.
After Popkomm got cancelled Berlin will see quite a bunch of music industries executives and artists that couldn’t cancel or refund their flights. To set up something does make sense – but all2gethernow aspires to be the future hotpot for a variety of scattered bits and pieces, not only coming September 16. – 18. 2009 – so let’s take a closer look.

For years, critics demanded new concepts from music trade show organisers such as midem, sxsw, cmw, popkomm or alike – maybe to mirror and express their need for reinventing their own business that got outdated and outsmarted. Odd enough that the ‘innovative convention’ now reanimates the old Popkomm concept of 3 sections conference, festival and business meeting platform (or as they put it a2n #camp, a2n #conference, a2n #cloud).old days
To re-varnish an old concept just by adding a #-sign, phew, that’s lame! Do you remember the time, when everybody thought inventing brand names containing the @ sign is something sexy and smart… Hei guys – work your brains and come up with something better. Mixing a variety of special interest events with some PR doesn’t do the trick, I know time is pressing, but is this it?

Ahh – one more thing – as I received a load of mails from people asking…
If you need your Popkomm tickets refunded or claim refund for Popkomm related expenses, as you already booked a tour around Popkomm, planned your releases accordingly, etc., who is the person in charge? How can you get your money back? No idea, but at least Popkomm has/had a managing director who was in charge for cancelling the event  – Dr. R. Kleinhanz Find all his contact details here

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