Popkomm substitute is gaining momentum? first meeting was held.

We introduced the idea some business professionels here in Berlin had, of doing an event called all2gethernow during the days postoned Popkomm was meant to happen. Not only making it a substitute, but question how to run a pro music event in general. They plan to start in good old 2.0 fashion waiting for user input.


Yesterday the first conspirative meeting of supporters happened:
Outcome is rather slim, a club/ association was founded acting as the organisational body of the event, it was proclaimed to be ‘open’ and runs for both, grassroots and established business.

Sept. 16.-17. a barcamp is scheduled, place is tbc (a barcamp is kind of an slam-poetry version of a conference, everybody is meant to say something, eventually some sense might occur….)
Sept. 18. a conference at the Radialsystem/ Berlin
Concerts, maybe even showcases are planned during the period, an official network of Berlin based Clubs & Venues is on board and willing to support.
If there is going to be a professional infrastructure wasn’t clarified till now (contact database to preschedule meetings, a clear and fix timetable for showcases, guaranteed access for pros to events/concerts, ect..

The guys in charge – well call it steering committee – is ready for your ideas and input (they say). If you got a brilliant idea, maybe this will be the future event to make it happen?

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