wellness for the weak – funding fuss for the music industry

German funding institution for the music industry ,Initiative Musik‘ launched a new format, a federal conference called Plan! Pop where future projects worth funding are being discussed together with regional music supporters, such as newcomer contests, educational institutions or local networks (e.g. a regional network of clubs in Berlin).

It seems a good idea to collect ideas and expertise on how to spend funding efficiently in cooperation with institutions that actually do spend the whole lot. 200 such supporters followed Initiatives call to hang out 2 days at a premium 5 star hotel (of course funded by the german government) – sorry for the hyphen, but I love this, subsidies for a weak, near death industry being discussed in a high class top posh environment. That‘s the right signal to make.welcome poor music industry

Opening speech was held by Dieter Gorny (Chairman of Initiative Musik and leading music lobbyist) asserting how important popular music became for both, economics and cultural values, emphasizing Germany is a creative country (whatever this might be) and the need to strengthen according businesses.
And here we are in media res – if Germany was a nation biased on creative industries, or at least if there would be some self affirmation as such, why would one need to open this event with obvious apologies.
I call this apologies, as no one would expect farmers to legitimate the subsidies they receive for decades to compete with international markets. But in this case the organizers even reanimated a former national rock celebrity to affirm the eligibility to accept funding – street credibility…

A series of workshops and panels lead to various projects to be launched this funding term, like support for music venues to boost bookings, or micro loans to artists.

Besides funding, Jens Michow (CEO association of event marketing idkv and member of Initiative Musik Supervisory Board) demanded am adequate political and legal frameworks to optimize – at least – the live business.

Establishing a reliable structure and framework for funding, promotion and support was the bottom line after 2 days.

btw. there is rumors that some Journalists known to be critical to the Initiative or it’s board have not been allowed to register for the event.

The Initiative Musik gGmbH defines itself as a funding agency set up by the German federal government to promote the music industry in Germany. (well but export is on their agenda too) It is supported by the German Collecting Society for Performance Rights (GVL) and the German Music Council. Financial support is provided by the GVL and the German Music Authors’ Society (GEMA/GEMA Foundation).
2009 budget amounts to €2 million to be distributed to artists and companies, mainly mainstream Pop, Alternative, Rock, Jazz etc. music.

welcome poor music industry

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