all2gethernow! to be an ‘open source’ substitute for Popkomm founder and former Unversal Music CEO Tim Renner launched an idea called all2gethernow (sorry in German only), in cooperation with some blokes running a very posh venue in Berlin, the Radialsystem.

It’s meant to be a substitute for postponed Popkomm, and is planned on the exact date of the event 16-18 Sept. 09.
Kind of a now we do it ourselves thing – Renner calls it an ‘open source’ event – whatever that means… Open source is too often refered to, if you need skillful enthusiasts that do share but do not insist on monetizing their ideas in return.
Maybe it’s just a tag to make it sound comfortable to all music-web-2.0-entrepreneurs that might be a future revenue basis for any successful b2b music event to come.
But that Renner, known arch-enemy of Gorny, is the first to come up with something is funny. I like watch alpha-males smacking themselves…

Anyway they ask for input. see what they get, and see what they want to make out of it. I just still feel sort of doubtful that a former major boss turns to be a saviour to the indies now. But to be honest I like the idea of doing an open source event.

Even liked the idea when SxSW called for panel ideas via an online forum. That’s how you pick up grass roots successfully.
Guess I’ll be typing some panel ideas the next days to discuss with these guys.

One thought on “all2gethernow! to be an ‘open source’ substitute for Popkomm

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